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Black and White Hirbawi® KufiyaBlack and White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Black & White Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Discover the timeless elegance of the classical Black and White Kufiya, the only one of its kind made in Palestine. This iconic Kufiya, also known as “Keffiyeh,” is deeply rooted in Palestinian heritage. Originally worn by the rural farming community, it became a symbol of resistance during the 1930s revolt against British Colonialism. Today, it stands as the ultimate emblem of the Palestinian revolution and the unwavering spirit of the Palestinian people. Crafted with the utmost care, this heavyweight version is specially designed for export. Experience the rich history and enduring symbolism of the Black and White Kufiya, proudly made in Palestine.
Palestine Flag Hirbawi® KufiyaPalestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smiling
Palestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Embrace Palestinian unity with the Palestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya. Featuring the iconic colors of the Palestinian flag - black, red, and green on a white background, this Keffiyeh represents a symbol of solidarity and resistance. It is also a practical Kufiya, as you can fold it in different ways to highlight a different color each time.
Red and White Hirbawi® KufiyaRed and White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Front
Red & White Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The traditional red and white Kufiya holds a rich history in Palestinian culture and has become a symbol of identity and resistance. Originally worn by Bedouins in the region, the Kufiya gained significance in the Palestinian context through its distinct colour combination
Sumud Stories™ Masari Leather Wallet
37.00 incl. VAT
Dive deep through the roots of Palestine into the production that survived since the times of the Canaanites, leather production has been thriving over the different centuries, especially through the timeless craftsmanship of Hebron. The leather production process in Hebron has traditionally involved manual techniques, including tanning, dyeing, and crafting by hand. Traditional tanneries in Hebron use natural materials like oak bark and sumac in the tanning process, which gives the leather its distinctive quality and durability. The Masari Leather Wallet, handmade in Palestine from 100% full grain leather, is a symphony of tradition and modernity, blending the richness of heritage with contemporary needs. Let this wallet be your daily companion, a reminder of the beauty of Hebron’s craft. Feel the pride of carrying a piece of Palestine, a symbol of solidarity and cultural appreciation. With every use, you uphold a tradition, celebrate a heritage, and support a future where artistry and culture continue to flourish.
Sumud Stories™ River & Sea Earrings
55.00 incl. VAT
Make a powerful statement and stand for freedom and equality with our River & Sea Earrings, crafted from 925 Silver in a historic jewellery workshop in Bethlehem. This workshop, operational for over fifty years, has been owned by an Armenian Palestinian family for generations. It employs 15 Palestinian artisans from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza, representing both Muslim and Christian, Arab and Armenian communities.Chosen for collaboration by the Sumud Stories initiative, this workshop reflects the diverse heritage of historical Palestine. Prior to the Nakba in 1948, this region was a place where different religions and ethnicities coexisted peacefully from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Our earrings celebrate this legacy of coexistence and the ongoing pursuit of dignity, liberty, and equality for all, emphasising a vision for a future where universal human rights are upheld from the river to the sea, and that Palestine will be free. 
Olive wood prayer beads made in Palestine
Olive Wood Oasis™ Prayer Beads
15.00 incl. VAT
Hand-made from the finest Jerusalem - Bethlehem Olive Wood by skilled Palestinian artisans, these Misbaha Prayer Beads (known as “Misbaha” or “Masbaha”, مِسْبَحَة) embody timeless beauty and profound significance. Consisting of 33 rounded olive wood spheres, they symbolize both the age of Jesus Christ, who lived 33 years, and hold special importance for Muslims, who go through them three times, representing the 99 names of God (اللّٰه‎).Beyond their spiritual value, Palestinians use these prayer beads daily for meditation, stress release, and in the lively Dabke (Dabka) dance during joyous weddings and festive occasions. Discover the sacred traditions and artistry of Palestine with Olive Wood Oasis® prayer beads, a genuine piece of Palestine that unites the religious practices of Christians and Muslims.
Irish KufiyaSaoirse Irish Hirbawi® Kufiya Man
Saoirse Irish Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Introducing "Saoirse," a Palestinian-made Kufiya that embraces the vibrant colors of the Irish flag. This unique Kufiya is a symbol of liberty and freedom, bearing the name “Saoirse” (pronounced seer-sha) in the Irish language. It is a heartfelt tribute to the resilient spirit of the Irish people. With its distinct design and meaningful symbolism, "Saoirse" embodies the shared values of determination, independence, and cultural heritage. Wear this remarkable Kufiya proudly, celebrating the connection between Palestine and Ireland, and the universal yearning for freedom.
Kaubar White Hirbawi® KufiyaKaubar White Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Kaubar Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Kaubar Hirbawi® Kufiya is a heartfelt tribute to the village of Kaubar, pronounced "Kober" (كوبر), standing as a symbol of resilience for all Palestinian villages and farmers who rely on their olive harvest despite the challenges they face. In the face of settler attacks, land confiscations, and immense hardships, these communities courageously protect and nurture their century-old olive trees, defending their land with unwavering determination. This Palestinian Keffiyeh honours their enduring spirit and serves as a reminder of their ongoing struggle for justice and the preservation of their heritage.
Gaza Orange Hirbawi® KufiyaGaza Kufiya on Man
Gaza Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Celebrate the vibrant spirit of Gaza with our authentic and traditional Gaza Hirbawi® Kufiya, proudly made in Palestine. This Palestinian Keffiyeh features a captivating pattern in green, yellow, rose, and bordaux, creating a dynamic and eye-catching design. The red laces that surround the vibrant Shemagh pay tribute to the Gazans' love for spicy food, where chilli is a staple ingredient in their flavorful cuisine. Immerse yourself in the joyful nature of the Gazans as you embrace this unique and meaningful Keffiyeh, a symbol of their resilience and zest for life. Despite enduring centuries of bitter contestation by various powers throughout history, Gaza, known as "Gazza Ard el-Izza" (the glorious city), remains at the forefront of Palestinian history. It is here that the Israeli occupation is repeatedly challenged, showcasing the unwavering spirit and determination of its people.
Um Suleiman Hirbawi® KufiyaUm Suleiman Kufiya Man and Woman
Um Suleiman Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Um Suleiman Hirbawi® Kufiya is more than just a fashion statement. The colours of the black and red beetle (Um Suleiman) elegantly displayed on this Keffiyeh are a reminder, that beauty can be found in the smallest of creatures and a call to protect them. Inspired by the enchanting song of Fairuz's "Tic Tic Um Suleiman," this Shemagh carries the spirit of harmony between nature and art. Made in Palestine with pride, it represents our commitment to honouring the beauty of our environment and the rich cultural heritage of Palestine.
Pure Black Hirbawi® KufiyaPure Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Pure Black Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT

Black pattern on a black background. A light and very elegant Kufiya that acts as the perfect companion item for any adventurous journey, or dashing outfit.

Haifa Black Hirbawi® KufiyaHaifa Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Hold
Haifa Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The Haifa Kufiya is a captivating representation of the vibrant city of Haifa. With its earthy, golden, and rose zigzag pattern adorning a sleek black background, this Kufiya pays homage to the cultural richness and diversity of Haifa. Known as "Umm al-Gharib" in Arabic, meaning 'mother of the stranger', Haifa has earned its reputation for embracing diversity and fostering a dynamic community. Wear the Haifa Kufiya with pride and celebrate the spirit of inclusivity and unity.
Alquds Gold Hirbawi® KufiyaAlquds Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman
Alquds Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The Alquds Hirbawi® Kufiya is our tribute to the spirit of Jerusalem, or Al Quds (القدس). As the heart of hearts and the most prominent symbol of the Palestinian diaspora, Jerusalem embodies the timeless beauty and unwavering strength of the Palestinian people. Our authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh, with a light gold pattern on a raw cotton base, captures the essence of this sacred city. With its brown laces, the Al Quds shemagh reflects the enduring heritage, rich history, and steadfast determination of Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites. Embrace the tradition and heritage of Palestine with this authentic and traditional Kufiya, a symbol of resilience, solidarity, and the indomitable spirit of Al Quds.
Inverted Black Hirbawi® KufiyaInverted Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Inverted Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Abu Mohammad Hirbawi, one of the Hirbawi brothers, stumbled upon an image featuring one of his traditional black and white Kufiyas while going through a series of old film negatives. In this negative strip, what was originally white appeared black, and what was black appeared white. This encounter with the inverted colors sparked Abu Mohammad's imagination, inspiring him to create an inverted Keffiyeh design. Combining his craftsmanship and creative vision, he immediately sat down at his machine and brought to life a remarkable Kufiya with a black body and a striking white pattern.Today, the inverted black and white Keffiyeh, crafted with pride in Palestine by the last and only Kufiya factory, embodies the essence of Palestinian identity. It offers a distinctive and captivating variation of the traditional Kufiya, infusing a sense of novelty and visual intrigue.
Nablus White Hirbawi® KufiyaNablus White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Wear Front
Nablus Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Nablus Hirbawi® Kufiya, an authentic and traditional Palestinian shemagh, pays tribute to the remarkable people of Nablus. Renowned for their eloquence and warm hospitality, the city's spirit is beautifully reflected in this elegant and witty Keffiyeh. The dark gray pattern delicately woven on a light gray background captures the essence of Nablus, a city celebrated for its craftsmanship and traditional industries.
Yafa Hirbawi® KufiyaYafa Kufiya Woman
Yafa Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Yafa Hirbawi® Kufiya is a stunning tribute to the majestic city of Jaffa (Yafa), known for its timeless beauty and rich history. The vibrant blue zigzag pattern on the deep black background captures the essence of the city's serene seaside and the expansive views of the Mediterranean coastline. This authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh resonates with the spirit of Yafa (يافا), meaning beauty in Canaanite, the largest city in historic Palestine before the 1948 Nakba. A city that holds a special place in the hearts of all Palestinians.
Gray Hirbawi® KufiyaHirbawi Gray Grey Kufiya Woman
Gray Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our traditional Gray Hirbawi® Kufiya offers a refined take on the classic black and white Keffiyeh. It exudes a sense of timeless style and versatility. Whether worn casually or on special occasions, this grey authentic Shemagh effortlessly complements a wide range of outfits, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. Embrace the essence of Palestinian tradition with this captivating traditional grey Shemagh, a symbol of cultural heritage and enduring fashion.
Abu Dis Gold Hirbawi® KufiyaAbu Dhis Kufiya Woman and Man
Abu Dis Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Amidst the countless beauties that surround us, some arise unexpectedly, just like our Abu Dis (ابو ديس) Kufiya. Crafted using the wrong thread for the intended Al Quds (Jerusalem) design, this fortunate mistake resulted in a captivating golden Keffiyeh. Dedicated to the ancient village of Abu Dis, which borders the city of Jerusalem, this Shemagh carries a warm golden hue that echoes the timeless connection and shared heritage between the two places. Embrace the allure of Abu Dis and its accidental beauty with this authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh, a reminder that even in unexpected moments, remarkable treasures can be found.
Jenin Brown Hirbawi® KufiyaJenin Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Man
Jenin Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Symbolic of the fertile lands of Jenin, our Jenin Kufiya represents the indomitable spirit of this vibrant city and steadfast refugee camp. Featuring a captivating combination of caramel-brown and beige patterns on an earthen-brown background, this Kufiya reflects the unwavering resilience and active resistance of the Jenin community. With its unique design and rich symbolism, the Jenin Kufiya is a powerful tribute to the heritage and enduring spirit of the Palestinian people.
Nazareth Blue Hirbawi® KufiyaNazareth Blue Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Nazareth Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Indulge in the enchanting spirit of Nazareth (الناصرة), a city that captivates visitors with its breathtaking geography, warm-hearted people, and delectable cuisine. It is within the vibrant essence of Nazareth that we found inspiration to create our Nazareth Hirbawi® Kufiya. With its pattern in shades of blue on a denim-coloured background, this authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh embodies the charm and allure of this cherished city. A beloved companion for all, our authentic Shemagh effortlessly complements any outfit, adding a touch of elegance and cultural heritage to your style. Experience the magic of Nazareth with our Nazareth Hirbawi® Kufiya, a testament to the rich heritage of Palestine.
All White Hirbawi® KufiyaAll White Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Pose
White Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Experience the traditional Arab Shemagh with our White Hirbawi® Kufiya, made in Palestine. This timeless accessory showcases an all-white pattern and delicate laces, reminiscent of the classic white headdress worn by shepherds in the Middle East. Wrap yourself in the heritage and elegance of the region with this authentic and stylish Keffiyeh.
Bisan Hirbawi® KufiyaBisan Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose Chair
Bisan Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Represented in vibrant Blue, Yellow, Green, and Purple, the city of Bisan (بيسان), Canaanite for “home of gods”, resides at the junction of the Jordan River and luscious Jezreel Valleys. Though the indigenous Palestinian population were forced to flee the town during the Nakba, memories survive of a city famous for its water springs, green fields, and banana plantations, the lively cinema, the bustling train station, and the first Palestinian agricultural high school for girls, and so too remains the dream of return. This authentic keffiyeh, a traditional Palestinian Shemagh made in Palestine, keeps the hope of return alive and reminds us of the enchanting city of Bisan.
Palestine Embroidered Hirbawi® Kufiya
55.00 incl. VAT
Our Palestine Embroidered Hirbawi® Kufiya is dedicated to the struggle of all Palestinians in their pursuit of nationhood and a free homeland. The national flag of Palestine is sewn in a traditional Tatreez stitching across the iconic Palestinian Black & White pattern.
Majdal White Hirbawi® KufiyaMajdal White Kufiya
Majdal Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Introducing our Majdal Hirbawi® Kufiya, a captivating reflection of the breathtaking scene of Mount Hermon (Jabal al-Shaykh) and the surrounding Arabic towns in the occupied Golan Heights. This majestic mountain, blanketed with snow for most of the year, inspired the design of this Kufiya, featuring a white pattern on a white background, accentuated by elegant black tassels, symbolizing the Arabic towns at the feet of Jabal al-Shaykh mountain. Majdal Hirbawi® Keffiyeh also pays homage to the local Druze community, whose dress code embraces the colours black and white. Whether it's providing warmth in winter or protecting you from the summer heat, Majdal Kufiya embodies the rich heritage and enduring spirit of the region and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.  
Dura Red Hirbawi® KufiyaDura Red Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Dura Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The scarlet scarf of Dura, wine-red and rich in colour, symbolic of the famous grapes and vineyards of this ancient and fertile village, it’s lasting heritage from the mists of antiquity.
Bethlehem Blue Hirbawi® KufiyaBethlehem Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Bethlehem Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The colour blue holds deep symbolism in Bethlehem, representing the peaceful and sacred nature of the city as the birthplace of Christ. It is closely associated with the unifying figure of the Virgin Mary, a beloved Bethlehemite who holds a significant place in the hearts of its residents, both Muslims and Christians alike. In our Bethlehem-inspired traditional Kufiya, we blend the serene blue with accents of Safran yellow, Aubergine, and Mint green, capturing the essence of Bethlehem's vibrant streets. May our Bethlehem Hirbawi® Shemagh transport you to the lively markets of this historic town, lined with shops selling Palestinian jewellery, olive carvings, nuts, spices, and oriental sweets, impressing its visitors and enveloping them in a sense of peace that is deeply rooted in Bethlehem's rich heritage.
Ramallah Black Hirbawi® KufiyaRamallah Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Pose
Ramallah Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The Burgundy checkered pattern on a deep black background of this Kufiya exudes a sense of vitality and richness, much like the vibrant city of Ramallah. Ramallah (رام الله) is a city bursting with life, culture, and energy. The intricate checkered design and bold colours of this Kufiya reflect the spirit of Ramallah and its lively atmosphere. Embrace the essence of this remarkable city and its dynamic culture by adorning yourself with this captivating Burgundy checkered patterned Keffiyeh made in Palestine.
Safad Black Hirbawi® KufiyaSafad Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Front
Safad Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Safad Hirbawi® Kufiya is a vibrant masterpiece, adorned with a kaleidoscope of colours over a bold black background. This captivating design pays homage to the enchanting city of Safad, perched high on the Galilee mountains. Safad, the capital of the upper Galilee, carries the legacy of coexistence among diverse Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities. Our authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh captures the essence of peace and unity that Safad represents in the hearts of Palestinians. It is a testament to the shared heritage and unwavering spirit of Palestine.
Mar Saba Green Hirbawi® KufiyaMar Saba Kufiya Woman and Man
Mar Saba Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Mar Saba, a monastery nestled in the desert mountains near Bethlehem. Our Mar Saba Keffiyeh features a background woven from yellow and black threads, creating an optical illusion that changes from yellowish to khaki to olive green depending on the surrounding lighting, a minimal design with only two corner fringes and no surrounding lace. Just like the hidden monastery, Mar Saba Kufiya exudes a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty. It is an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, perfectly suited for long hikes and adventures. Embrace the essence of Mar Saba with this authentic Kufiya, proudly made in Palestine.
Hirbawi Mandela African Kufiya PalestineHirbawi Mandela African Kufiya Woman Close
Mandela African Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Named after the world renowned South-African civil rights leader, the Mandela African Kufiya is woven in the Pan-African colours, Red, Yellow, Green and Black, as a commemoration of the common struggle of African nations for sovereignty and liberation from colonialism, with the human rights struggle against Israeli apartheid in Palestine. Proceeds of this Kufiya will go to support the local African-Palestinian community and learning centre in Jerusalem.
Tabariya Hirbawi® KufiyaTabariya Kufiya Man Serious
Tabariya Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Tabariya Hirbawi® Kufiya draws inspiration from the fabled Sea of Galilee, Buhayrat Tabariya, an ancient and revered lake north of historical Palestine. Nestled amidst the picturesque villages surrounding the blue waters, the Tabariya Lake has a rich fishing tradition dating back to the time of Jesus. The famous biblical story of Simon and Andrew casting their nets into the lake and finding an abundance of fish resonates to this day. The Tabariya Hirbawi Keffiyeh captures the essence of this timeless scene of fishing activity at the lowest freshwater lake on Earth: a white fishing net atop a deep blue background, complemented by bold black borders that add depth and dimension.
Shams Black Hirbawi® KufiyaShams Black Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman
Shams Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Shams Hirbawi® Kufiya pays homage to the radiant sun that blesses the land of Palestine. In Arabic, "Shams" means sun, symbolizing the warmth and vitality that shines upon this remarkable land. With approximately 3390 hours of sunshine per year, Palestine's abundant sunlight has nurtured one of the earliest human civilizations and continues to inspire its resilient people. We hope that our Shams Keffiyeh brings you the warmth and blessings of the Palestinian sun. Experience the vibrant energy and timeless beauty of this land with every wear, proudly made with authenticity and tradition.
Sheikh Jarrah Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The green threads of the Sheikh Jarrah (الشيخ جراح) kufiya represent the deep roots of the Palestinian families who have lived in this neighborhood of Jerusalem for generations, building homes, raising families, and creating a community that has stood the test of time. Against all odds, the families of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood gained international attention, when they stood up against sinister efforts by Israeli authorities to evict them from their homes. This kufiya imbued with hope, and solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, a conversation starter to prevent their story from falling into oblivion.
Amal Pink Hirbawi® KufiyaAmal Pink Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Amal Pink Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Amal Hirbawi® Kufiya is an authentic and traditional Palestinian Keffiyeh that embodies the spirit of hope. Named after the Arabic word for hope (أمل)  the Amal shemagh represents the unwavering optimism and resilience of the Palestinian people. This hope is not only fueled by the determination of Palestinians but also by the support and love we receive from the international community. When you wear the Amal Kufiya, we invite you to engage in conversations about Palestine and Palestinians, sharing stories of resilience, culture, and the pursuit of justice. These conversations bring us hope, as we believe that through understanding and solidarity, justice will prevail not only in Palestine but also in the world at large. Join us in spreading hope and advocating for a brighter future for Palestine and beyond.
Mar Elias KufiyaMar Elias Yellow Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Mar Elias Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The Mar Elias Hirbawi® Kufiya features a minimalist design with a captivating blue zigzag pattern on a vibrant yellow background. This Palestinian Keffiyeh pays tribute to the historic Mar Elias monastery, built in the 6th century south of Jerusalem. The intricate ancient paintings found within the monastery's interior and the story of the monastery standing on the very spot where the prophet Elijah sought refuge during his escape from the oppression of Queen Jezebel served as the inspiration for this distinct shemagh and as a powerful reminder of the resilience and courage of the Palestinian people in the face of oppression. Wear the Mar Elias Keffiyeh with pride, as a symbol of the enduring spirit and hope of the Palestinian people for justice and freedom.
Chocolate Hirbawi® KufiyaChocolate Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Hold
Chocolate Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
While our other designs symbolize resilience and unity, our Chocolate Hirbawi® Kufiya simply celebrates a universal love that transcends differences - the love of chocolate. With its chocolate brown background adorned with red chocolate berry accents, green chocolate leaf patterns, and earthy tones, this Palestinian Keffiyeh brings together the irresistible charm of chocolate and the rich heritage of the Palestinian Shemagh tradition. Just like the sweetness of fair trade chocolate produced under humane conditions, international solidarity can warm our hearts and bring us closer. This Kufiya serves as a reminder of the power of coming together and supporting one another, transcending borders and differences.
Rainbow Hirbawi® KufiyaRainbow Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Front Wear
Rainbow Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Just like the radiant rainbow emerges after the storms, our Rainbow Hirbawi® Kufiya embodies peace and hope, echoing our dream of a brighter tomorrow in Palestine. We created this authentic and traditional Rainbow Palestinian Keffiyeh with the belief that one day, amidst the oppression and injustice faced in our homeland, the sun shall rise, and the rainbow shall guide us towards a future of peace and harmony.The colourful rainbow pattern represents the diverse individuals from all around the globe and their unwavering commitment to a just world, because the struggle for justice in Palestine is not isolated but an integral part of the universal struggle for peace, equality, and liberation.
Dheisheh Grey Hirbawi® KufiyaDheisheh Grey Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Hold
Dheisheh Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Introducing the Dheisheh Hirbawi® Kufiya, a remarkable blend of tradition and resilience. Made in Palestine, this Keffiyeh, also known as a Shemagh, features a dark gray background, a captivating zigzag black pattern, and light gray laces. Inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem, this authentic Kufiya pays tribute to the strength and determination of its people. Despite challenging conditions, the residents of Dheisheh display remarkable resilience, education, and a sense of humor. Embrace their energetic and elegant style with this vibrant and symbolic design.
Jericho Hirbawi® KufiyaJericho Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Jericho Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
In the vibrant hues of orange and white, our authentic Jericho Hirbawi® Kufiya captures the essence of the ancient city of Jericho (أريحا). Built upon an oasis near the Dead Sea, Jericho is renowned as one of the longest-continuously inhabited cities in the world. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque shadows of palm trees cascading over the blooming orange groves of Jericho, this vivid Palestinian Keffiyeh showcases a captivating pattern of black, white, and orange against a pristine white background. Mirroring the desert oasis's mirage-like beauty, our Jericho Hirbawi® Kufiya embodies the spirit and allure of the nature surrounding the historic city. Celebrate Palestine's rich history and cultural significance with our Jericho Shemagh, handcrafted with pride in the traditional style.
Shami Hirbawi® KufiyaShami White Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Happy
Shami Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The Shami Hirbawi® Kufiya, also known as the Syrian Keffiyeh or Shemagh, holds a special place in our assortment. With its dense pattern and royal lace, this Kufiya stands out as the heaviest in our collection. Traditionally worn in Syria, Iraq, and other Arabic countries within the region, this authentic Arabic headscarf represents a rich cultural heritage. Unfortunately, the ongoing civil war in Syria has led to the decline of Kufiya production in the country. However, we are proud to offer this special and heavy pattern design, made in Palestine, as a homage to our sisters and brothers in Syria and Iraq. The Hirbawi® Shami Kefiyyeh serves as a reminder that we are one people, bound together by our shared history, culture, and resilience. By wearing the Shami Hirbawi® Kufiyya, you can express your solidarity and support for those struggling for freedom and justice, carrying the spirit of unity and resilience with you wherever you go.
Akka Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The ancient harbour of Akka (عكا, "Acre") has bared more than just the crashing of waves. Sought after by empires spanning three continents, the radiant pattern of the kufiya speaks to the vivid beauty of a town that was the cultural gateway between Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, and yet still keeps its indigenous Palestinian heritage to this day. The Akka kufiya is an effort to capture the vibrant spirit of this lively Mediterranean city.
Lavender Dark Hirbawi® KufiyaLavender Dark Hirbawi® Kufiya Man
Lavender Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Our Lavender Hirbawi® Kufiya is a heartfelt homage to the natural beauty of Palestine. This Palestinian Keffiyeh features multilayered lines of lavender purple, yellow, eucalyptus, and silver-green, along with earth tones, all set against a striking black background with black fringes. Lavender, known as "Nardos" in Greek after the ancient Syrian city of Naarda, graces the plains of Palestine during the spring season. Our Lavender authentic Palestinian Shemagh is an endeavour to capture the warmth and vitality of the vibrant springs of Palestine and the indomitable spirit of its people.
Mediterannean Hirbawi® KufiyaMediterranean_Hirbawi_Kufiya_Keffiyeh_Man_Woman_2
Mediterranean Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
The Mediterranean sea, or “Bahar Yafa” (the sea of Yafa) as Palestinians lovingly call it, is a main component of the collective Palestinian identity. The Mediterranean is omnipresent in Palestinian popular culture. Today, most Palestinians in the West Bank are eager to visit their dear sea as they areso many are barred from visiting it.
Traditional Blue Hirbawi® KufiyaTraditional Blue Kufiya Man Front
Traditional Blue Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Discover the timeless charm of our traditional blue Kufiya. Featuring a captivating black fisher net pattern on a serene blue background, this authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh evokes a sense of tranquillity and moderation, reminiscent of the vast sea and sky. Complete with blue tassels, it effortlessly combines casual style with traditional elegance. Whether for daily wear or special occasions, this versatile Shemagh effortlessly enhances any outfit, embracing the essence of Palestinian heritage.
Coffee Brown Hirbawi® KufiyaCoffee Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Coffee Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Allow us to introduce our authentic Coffee Hirbawi® Kufiya, a symbolic tribute to the century-old tradition of Arabic coffee. This Palestinian Keffiyeh embraces the captivating colours of red berries and roasted coffee beans, capturing the essence of Arabic Qahwa (قهوة). With its authentic and traditional design, this Shemagh embodies the rich cultural heritage and cherished rituals surrounding Arabic coffee. Embrace the essence of tradition and cultural identity with our Coffee Hirbawi® Kufiya, a true symbol of Palestinian heritage and authenticity.
Royal Hirbawi® KufiyaRoyal Brown Hirbawi® Kufiya Man Front
Royal Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Experience the regal charm of our Royal Hirbawi® Kufiya. Its mustard yellow and sage colours, complemented by black and yellow threads and black lace, create a majestic combination. Pair it with a white outfit for a stylish ensemble. Made with authentic Palestinian craftsmanship, this Keffiyeh embodies quality and tradition. Elevate your look with our Royal Hirbawi Kufiya, a symbol of elegance and heritage.
Hurriya Freedom Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Brandish the vibrant Hurriya Freedom Hirbawi® Kufiya. A creative interpretation of the colours of the Palestinian national flag, Black, White, Red, and Green, symbolising the ongoing struggle of all Palestinians to break free. To live in dignity, to move freely and to raise our children without fear, and not be shackled from within an open-air prison. Hurriya is the struggle for our liberation.
Deir al Balah Hirbawi® Kufiya
32.00 incl. VAT
Flourish with the blossoming Deir al Balah Hirbawi® Kufiya, a city within the Gaza Strip that translates to “Monastery of the Date Palm” in Arabic, and a timeless shemagh design representing this remarkable city and its iconic, golden-brown crop. Like the fruit, which is renowned for its resilience to extreme conditions and yet flourishes with sweetness, its namesake of Deir al Balah reflects the joyful spirit of city and its people, that have historically resided on the frontline between empires seeking to conquer or destroy it. This Palestinian keffiyeh is a celebration of the unyielding spirit and rich history of the Deir al Balah community.
Hebron Green Hirbawi® KufiyaHebron Kufiya Material
Hebron Hirbawi® Kufiya
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Our Keffiyeh factory is located in Hebron, also known as "Al-Khalil" (الخليل). The Hebron Hirbawi® Palestinian Kufiya, with its authentic and traditional design, pays homage to our ancient city and the Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi (Sanctuary of Abraham) mosque. Considered one of the oldest still-operating holy sites in the world, the mosque is adorned with tiled stone walls and a captivating green ceiling. Within its sacred walls, you will find the symbolic tombs of Isaac (اسحق) and his wife Rebecca (رفقة), ornately decorated in green and gold. This Shemagh reflects the deep-rooted heritage of Hebron, showcasing the rich cultural traditions and spiritual significance of the city. With its vibrant colours and timeless design, this Palestinian Shemagh is a true symbol of our authentic and traditional craftsmanship.
Beit Jala Hirbawi® KufiyaBeit Jala Hirbawi® Kufiya Woman Smile
Beit Jala Hirbawi® Kufiya
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Radiating with vitality and modern flair, our Beit Jala Hirbawi® Kufiya reflects the captivating spirit of this remarkable city. Nestled amidst enchanting mountains adorned with breathtaking pink almond blossoms in spring and apricot-bearing trees in early summer, Beit Jala is renowned for both, its natural beauty and open-minded community. Beyond its scenic landscapes, the city is celebrated for its array of religious, educational, and health organizations that serve both its residents and neighbouring communities. Immerse yourself in the vibrant charm and resilient character of the dynamic city near Bethlehem with this authentic Palestinian Keffiyeh.