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Ten Arguments, How to Achieve Peace in Palestine

Gaza, Palestine

Our Thoughts on Gaza, Palestine and Israel, October 2023

As we go about our daily lives, it’s crucial to pause and consider the escalating crisis in Gaza and the broader region. The Israeli government’s threatening rhetoric, including comments from Prime Minister Netanyahu about turning Gaza “into a deserted island,” raises significant concerns. These are not merely words but a chilling portent for the people who live there.

In this environment, it’s heartbreaking to think that the Israeli military, one of the most technologically advanced in the world, directs its might not solely at armed militants but also at vulnerable civilians. These aren’t just statistics or casualties of war; they are fathers who may never again hear their daughters’ laughter, mothers who may never see their sons take their first bike ride, and young people with dreams of changing the world. Each one deserves more than a life of mere survival; they deserve a life filled with dignity, love, and opportunity.

It is essential to highlight that at the core of this ongoing conflict is a system of apartheid that perpetuates inequality, violence, and the violation of human rights. We at Hirbawi stand firmly in the belief that every individual—regardless of religion or ethnicity—deserves equal treatment. This foundational principle of equality has the power to dismantle the walls of racism and apartheid that have been erected over decades in Palestine.

For a just and lasting peace, this fundamental truth must be acknowledged and acted upon by all parties involved, including Israelis, Palestinians, and the international community. Until we reach this critical understanding, the people of Palestine continue to need your emotional and material support.

Keep the Palestinian plight at the forefront of your thoughts, your discussions, and your actions. Let’s hold onto hope—the hope that one day humanity will awaken to the truth, ending all forms of apartheid and finally granting equal rights to everyone in historical Palestine. Only then can we make meaningful strides toward peace, freedom, and justice for all.

Ten Arguments: How to Achieve Peace in Palestine

Our conclusion for peace, is that the occupation must end. Oppression and Apartheid cannot continue, and this time the tragedy that is unfolding in Palestine is different, because it has to be. And so, here are 10 well-crafted arguments received from BIP (Union to End the Israeli Occupation), an organization of German intellectuals and prominent figures, including Jews and Palestinians, with the direct aim of finally and truly taking decisive steps, towards peace:

  1. Universal Condemnation of Violence: We advocate for peace, freedom, and human rights for all individuals in the region.
  2. The Value of Human Lives: We believe each life is precious. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every individual in historical Palestine can live in freedom, security, and justice.
  3. Right to Self-Defense and Call for Proportionality: While we acknowledge the right of any nation to defend itself, we stress that defensive actions must adhere to principles of proportionality and international law.
  4. Lack of International Condemnation: We call upon international governments and institutions to be unbiased and to condemn actions that perpetuate violence and suffering for Palestinians, just as they would for Israelis.
  5. Root Cause – Apartheid System: We strongly emphasize that the apartheid system is the primary cause of the ongoing conflict and violence. The separation and unequal treatment of Palestinians are inhumane and violate universal human rights.
  6. Ongoing Occupation and Annexation: The occupation and annexation of Palestinian land, particularly the long-standing occupation of over 56 years, contribute to the cycle of violence and must be addressed.
  7. Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: The intolerable living conditions in Gaza due to blockades and restricted access to basic human needs like food and medical aid are unacceptable and exacerbate the conflict.
  8. In Solidarity with Peace Movements: We align ourselves with organizations and movements advocating for peace and calling for an end to systemic oppression and violence.
  9. Address Root Causes, End Apartheid: We believe that the only path to lasting peace and security for all is by addressing and eradicating the root causes of violence, starting with the end of the apartheid system.
  10. Inherent Human Rights: Echoing the words of Ex-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, it is in human nature to resist occupation and oppression. The apartheid system serves as a breeding ground for hate and extremism and must be dismantled for peace to prevail.

We hope that humanity will one day awaken to the truth, ending all forms of apartheid and granting equal rights to everyone in historical Palestine. This time is different. Because it has to be.

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