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The Shepherds Scout Group مجموعة كشافة الرعاة

The Shepherds Scout Group (SSG) was established in 1995. After a short stop because of the Second Intifada in the 2000s, the group was revived in 2009. Today, the group is home for 230 members consisting of young Palestinians aged 4 and up. The group has achieved remarkable success among its peer scouts in Beit Sahour and Palestine.

The members meet on a weekly basis, and they emphasize community service and embody the spirit of volunteering. Their many activities include but not limited to, leadership trainings, children events, and campaigns to clean streets and neighborhoods.

This is in addition to the exceptional brass and bagpipe marching band, which regularly takes part in national and religious festivals in Bethlehem. The scouts, parade their distinctive uniforms in the streets with beautiful melodies played by their muscial bands, to announce and welcome the Christmas or Easter festivities.

Yet the group is probably most known for the annual “Freedom Race”, a sports event in which hundreds of the Beit Sahour community of all ages and religious groups, run around the town, taking paths planned depending on age. The main reason for this event, in addition to encourage running and a healthy lifestyle, is to enhance the social interaction in the Beit Sahour community. The sense of togetherness that this activity provides for the community is what makes the activity a yearly success.

We are so proud and thankful for the scouts and for that reason have chosen to support them! For all of Black Friday weekend, we will be taking part by donating kufiyas to the Sheperds Scouts for every order made by our wonderful customers.

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