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The story of Hirbawi has been featured globally in the press. Please contact us if you are interested in writing about the last kufiya factory in Palestine.


From Yasser Arafat to Madonna: how the Palestinian keffiyeh became a global symbol

The scarf has gone from a mark of solidarity to a hipster fashion piece – and back again.

The last keffiyeh factory in Palestine

The Herbawi family has kept their keffiyeh business afloat despite the challenges they face under occupation and globalisation.

Social media offers last keffiyeh factory lifeline

Hirbawi Textiles is located on a nondescript road on the outskirts of the Palestinian city Hebron.

Hirbawi Kufiya: The last factory upholding the Palestinian Kufiya legacy

Hirbawi Kufiyas stand as a testament to the resilience of Palestinian heritage and the power of preserving cultural traditions.

The Last Keffiyeh, how Facebook saved a Palestinian symbol

Nearly 20 years ago Hirbawi Textiles, the last Palestinian manufacturer of the iconic keffiyeh scarf, almost shut down its looms and closed its doors.

A Palestinian Symbol for All Struggling Communities

Originally a garment that was used by farmers to protect their heads and shoulders from the sun, the Kufiya has now become a symbol of Palestinian freedom and independence.

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Το τελευταίο παλαιστινιακό εργοστάσιο μαντίλας στην Παλαιστίνη

Μιλήσαμε με τον Νάελ Αλ Κασίς που διατηρεί το τελευταίο εργοστάσιο παλαιστινιακής μαντίλας στη Χεβρώνα της Δυτικής Όχθης.

NY Times

A New Chapter for a Checkered Scarf

Palestinians are encouraging non-Palestinians to wear keffiyehs as a show of solidarity.

The keffiyeh is a symbol of resistance, and of hope

Black, white and worn all over the world, the Palestinian scarf has become a global statement of solidarity.

US sales of Palestinian keffiyehs soar, even as wearers targeted

An uptick of keffiyeh sales points to a growing trend of pro-Palestinian solidarity in the United States.

Palestinian keffiyeh scarves, controversial symbol of solidarity

Across the world, the black-and-white keffiyeh head scarf has become an emblem of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

زيادة الطلب على الكوفية الفلسطينية

Video report from MTV Lebanon morning newscast.

Occupation, appropriation, and the Palestinian scarf at the center of it all

The story behind the keffiyeh, the traditional Palestinian scarf co-opted by Urban Outfitters.

Spiegel Online Hirbawi

Endlich wieder made in Palestine

Palästinensertücher kommen schon lange nicht mehr aus Palästina, sondern aus Asien. Zwei Brüder aus Hebron produzieren jetzt wieder das Original.

Campaign launched to save Hirbawi, Palestine's only keffiyeh factory

Located on the outskirts of the city, Hebron, it is the last remaining factory in the country to make the kufiya.


Palästinensertücher bald nur noch aus China?

Die letzte Keffiyeh-Fabrik Palästinas kämpft ums Überleben. Denn das Tuch aus Fernost ist viel billiger.

Inside Hirbawi, Palestine's last remaining keffiyeh factory

A look at the efforts being made to save this little piece of Palestinian history.


The Palestinian kaffiyeh: an endangered species

It was Yasser Arafat’s favourite head gear and it’s now a must-have item for fashionistas around the world.