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There’s No Hunger in Hebron

The Hirbawi Factory will be donating €1 of every Kufiya sold to Al Tkiya Al Ibrahimiya, to be used for the purchase and cooking of food for those without. We tell the story of this wholesome organisation and its many centuries of service to those in need, of which not many even within Palestine may […]

The Shepherds Scout Group مجموعة كشافة الرعاة

The Shepherds Scout Group (SSG) was established in 1995. After a short stop because of the Second Intifada in the 2000s, the group was revived in 2009. Today, the group is home for 230 members consisting of young Palestinians aged 4 and up. The group has achieved remarkable success among its peer scouts in Beit […]

What does it mean to be born Palestinian?

Your Freedom is earned, not given. Enough pictures of a child in Palestine holding a victory sign ✌️ can tell you that from a young age, Palestinian children develop a powerful awareness of their identity. Six year olds scurry in the streets, throw stones at soldiers and raise flags. “Child’s play” you might think. But […]

An Unlikely Symbol of our Revolution?

Kufiya, Watermelon, and now, the Rusty Spoon. Behold the new symbol of the Palestinian revolution. Israeli Occupation forces shake nervously at the sight of the Mighty Mala’a ملعقة Since the start of 2021 and as of July, Israel has detained around 5426 Palestinians (854 children and 107 women) in its jails. Reports by the Human […]