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An Unlikely Symbol of our Revolution?

Kufiya, Watermelon, and now, the Rusty Spoon. Behold the new symbol of the Palestinian revolution.

Israeli Occupation forces shake nervously at the sight of the Mighty Malaa 媢堜

Since the start of 2021 and as of July, Israel has detained around 5426 Palestinians (854 children and 107 women) in its jails.

Reports by the Human Rights Associstion Addameer estimate around 4650 Palestinians still in custody, including 200 Child Prisoners.

Palestinians making efforts to protest the Israeli occupation are actively targeted and detained. Israeli security prisons are decorated with a long history of human rights violations, including torture, isolation, confinement and medical neglect.

An ordinary spoon, now a symbol to be associated with the iconic Palestinian kufiya/keffiyeh.

Several days ago six Palestinian political prisoners escaped Gilboa Prison by digging an escape hole from their prison cell using no more than a rusty spoon.

The incident has caused deep embarrassment for Israel and its brutal system of imprisonment, and triggered a massive manhunt effort to reimprison the Palestinian escapees.

Six prisoners dug a hole out of a high security Israeli prison using a rusty spoon
Child holds a spoon infront of a Palestinian protest beside Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

We share this story not to glorify anyone, but rather to give hope for Palestinians and all peoples stripped of their rights by the unjust system of apartheid.

Hope, that the beast of systematic occupation, persecution and detention of Palestinians can be defeated by a rusty spoon.



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