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Hirbawi® Restock

What's in stock?

Alquds Gold Hirbawi® Kufiya
Alquds Hirbawi® Kufiya
Black and White Hirbawi® Kufiya
Black & White Hirbawi® Kufiya
Gaza Orange Hirbawi® Kufiya
Gaza Hirbawi® Kufiya
Haifa Black Hirbawi® Kufiya
Haifa Hirbawi® Kufiya
Inverted Black Hirbawi® Kufiya
Inverted Hirbawi® Kufiya
Kaubar White Hirbawi® Kufiya
Kaubar Hirbawi® Kufiya
Nablus White Hirbawi® Kufiya
Nablus Hirbawi® Kufiya
Olive wood prayer beads made in Palestine
Olive Wood Oasis™ Prayer Beads
Palestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya
Palestine Flag Hirbawi® Kufiya
Pure Black Hirbawi® Kufiya
Pure Black Hirbawi® Kufiya
Red and White Hirbawi® Kufiya
Red & White Hirbawi® Kufiya
Irish Kufiya
Saoirse Irish Hirbawi® Kufiya
Um Suleiman Hirbawi® Kufiya
Um Suleiman Hirbawi® Kufiya
Handmade in Palestine

New Products

Sumud Stories Masari Leather Wallet

The Masari Leather Wallet, handmade in Palestine is from 100% full grain leather, is a symphony of tradition and modernity, blending the richness of heritage with contemporary needs. Let this wallet be your daily companion, a reminder of the beauty of Hebron's craft.

Sumud Stories River & Sea Earrings

Make a powerful statement and stand for freedom and equality with our River & Sea Earrings, crafted from 925 Silver in a historic jewellery workshop in Bethlehem. This workshop, operational for over fifty years, employs 15 Palestinian artisans from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.

While You're waiting

See How Its Made!

Watch a video on how the Masari Leather Wallet is made at the Sumud Stories™ artisan workshop in Hebron, Palestine.

Our Message

Thank You

Dear Hirbawi Community,

This year, your support and the global community’s focused attention on the ongoing genocide in Gaza and ethnic cleansing in the West Bank are more crucial than ever.

We are deeply grateful for the love and attention you’ve shown Hirbawi. In response, we are excited to use our platform to spotlight incredible Palestinian initiatives. Following our successful collaboration with Olive Wood Oasis and their Prayer Beads, we are thrilled to introduce Sumud Stories. This vibrant collective of young Palestinian artists works alongside traditional local artisans to weave tales of heritage and resilience into each product they create.

Please remember, as with previous launches, we’re limiting purchases to one Kufiya per order. However, feel free to add other items to save on shipping costs.

Thank you for your unending support. Together, we fight for a free Palestine.

With Love and Solidarity,

The Hirbawi Team