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What does the Palestinian keffiyeh symbolize? 

Black & White Keffiyeh Kufiya

The Palestinian keffiyeh, also known as a “kufiya”, “hatta” or “shemagh”, goes far beyond its iconic black and white checks. Today, it has transcended borders, religion and gender to become an international symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

A Tale of Two Larks

The last producer of the symbolic Palestinian Keffiyeh/Kufiya headdress creates a new design dedicated to the Irish people.

The Scarlet Kufiya of Dura

The famous vineyards of Dura Wine-red and rich in colour, the scarlet kufiya of Dura is symbolic of the famous grapes and vineyards of this ancient and fertile village, it’s lasting heritage from the mists of antiquity. As the farmers harvest their last bushel of grapes, the blossoming vineyards of Dura (دورا) decorate the hillsides […]

The Kufiya headdress and the last factory in Palestine

Origins of the Kufiya (Keffiyeh) The Kufiya (الكوفية) or “Keffiyeh” has a long history in Palestinian culture and identity. Since the first “Arab Revolt” against the British Colonial Empire in the1930s, this traditional arabic headdress become a national symbol, synonymous with the Palestinian struggle for freedom.⁠ Traditionally worn by farmers on the head or shoulders, […]